Attn: Los Angeles Area Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professionals...

Welcome to EMP!

Enhance Your Marketing Performance and 
Take Your Business to the Next Level
"EMP is THE Place in the Los Angeles Area Where Passionate Success-Minded Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals Come Together with Other Like-Minded People on a Monthly Basis and Become Much More Successful Through Better, More Effective, Strategic Marketing Choices.”
- Craig A. Valine, Marketing Performance Strategist and Founder of EMP

Meet EMP Founder Craig Valine.

'No BS' Craig Valine is known for his straightforward style of communicating effective and powerful marketing advice. Craig is a Marketing Performance Strategist, Lead Generation Expert and Direct Marketing Strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses and professional practices attract only high-quality, qualified prospects who want to do business with you.
Through proper positioning strategy, and through the power of choosing the right target market, the right marketing message, and by using the right marketing media (both online and offline), Craig's clients and members enjoy highly profitable results.
Craig is the is the Founder of Enhanced Marketing Performance (aka “EMP”) a local group for successful “doer’, implementer-type local entrepreneurs and professional practice owners who want to be even more successful by making ‘better’ more strategic marketing choices. 

Here's Who We're Looking For...

  • Do you invest in yourself (Personal Development, Business, Sales/Marketing/Advertising, etc.)?
  • Do you already invest time, money, and effort in marketing and advertising (Online and/or Offline)?
  • Are you highly motivated to make improvements in your current marketing and sales methods and eager to substantially increase YOUR income?
  • Are you eager to bend your business to facilitate personal and lifestyle preferences - To be its Master, not its Slave?
  • Are you a Practitioner of the “Principle of Slight Edge” - Meaning, you're doing well, but you're looking to do much better?

When Do We Meet?

Every LAST Tuesday Evening of the Month

At 6:30pm Pacific until 9:15pm Pacific
Doors open at 6:30pm so that you may grab a seat, mingle with fellow members and invited guests, grab some coffee, and settle in. We start at 7:00pm sharp and we end around 9:15pm.

Where Do We Meet?

At the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Old Pasadena!

180 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103
This location is right off the Fair Oaks South Exit on the 134 Freeway in Pasadena between Walnut and Holly Streets. Valet parking is just $7.00. Self-Parking is available in the garage on Raymond Avenue (which is the back of the hotel). Food and beverages are available at the Cafe' just off the lobby.

Here's the Structure

  • 1. Bragadocious Time!

    We like to start off on a high note and spend the first 10 minutes in a Round Robin style discussing our wins for the month. Anything that you can consider a win is good to talk about. We like to focus more on wins that are business and goal related, but these wins can be anything really.
  • 2. Special Guest or Member Presentations

    Every once in a while we'll have a special guest speaker come in and give a powerful presentation on their expert knowledge. Many times we like to have our members present what they're doing right in their business that we can all benefit from. For example, EMP Member Gary Howarth recently presented on the power of Video Marketing to enhance Customer Relationships. Longtime EMP Mastermind Member Dr. Brian Bergh presented on his unique and effective methods for getting more referrals. Special Guest Speakers have included: Celebrity Publicist and Author of 19 books Michael Levine, Newsletter Guru Jim Palmer, Business Optimization Expert Melanie Benson Strick, Icon Builder David Fagan, The Working Inventor Scott Evans, The Ideal Networker Casey Eberhart, The Sicilian Mentor Maurice DiMino, and many others.
  • 3. Member Resources and Announcements

    In this segment, we share resources and upcoming events that members can take advantage of, including: What's Craig Reading This Month?", Upcoming EMP Events and Topics, EMP Programs to Help you Get Greater Results FASTER, How Guests Can Become Members, and more!
  • 4. Powerful Marketing and/or Business Building Topic Presentation and Exercises

    In this segment, you will learn unique, but powerful marketing ideas and strategies to help you get great results fast. Past topics include: "10 Clever Ways to Raise Prices", "13 Ways to Prove Your Case - Even When You Dont' Have Testimonials", "Don't Break The Chain of Referrals", "The Five Sources of Power in Any Business", "How to Build an Iron Fence Around Your Herd", "How to Craft a Compelling and Irresistible Marketing Message", "How to Create Predictable and Recurring Monthly Revenue", "How to Use Direct Mail - The RIGHT Way!", and Many Many More!
    After the presentation, we have members and guests work together in groups to start to put these ideas to use in their own business. If you participate, you will never leave every event knowing how to implement it into your own business.
  • 5. Big Aha's and Takeaways

    This is where we go around the room and ask, "What were your Big Ahas?" - These are the revelations, ideas, resources, and things to put into action once you leave. We share them openly so that others can hear them one more time before they leave. It also is a way to make sure everyone has been paying attention! :)



    Owner of Washout Watchdog - a vendor to the concrete industry. Also, a Grand Master in Hapkido.
    Member since 2012

    A top-notch Orthodontist based in Glendale, CA.
    Member since 2008.

    A talented Hollywood Film Editor who also teaches other Film Editors how to tell powerful stories through better film editing. Member since 2012.

    A highly trained Certified Hypnotherapist and Success Coach.
    Member since 2008.

    A highly sought-out Chiropractor and Owner of The Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena.
    Member since 2008

    A Mortgage Consultant based out of Ventura, CA. 
    Member since 2008


As well as being Founder of EMP, Boston native Craig Valine...

  • Is a Marketing Performance Strategist with a philosophy of "getting the best, most advantageous results possible for about the same, time, money you're already spending" and finding "hidden marketing assets" (potential profit) within your business. Craig is also a firm believer in that every entrepreneur and business owner should strive for Autonomy - that is, "design your business in a way so that you do business on your own terms."
  • Is the author of "The Ultimate 'No BS' Guide to Entrepreneurial Success" and soon to be released books in Summer of 2016, "Confessions of a Former Struggling Consultant" and "10 Principles for Profit & Power." He is also a contributing author with David Fagan and several other authors in "Zero to Hero in 90 Days or Less."
  • Is the Former Independent Business Advisor representing Small Business Gurus Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and GKIC in the Los Angeles Area from 2007 to 2013.
  • Won Internet Marketing Legend Frank Kern's '66 Volkswagon Bus in a Facebook Contest in 2011.

Craig is the loving father of his son Mitchell (affectionately known to members as 'Mini-me'). He lives in Altadena, CA.


First time guests are always welcome and attend for FREE at your first event. Return guests are welcome back for a small investment. If after your first event you would like to become a member of EMP, we'll tell you how to do that at the end of the evening.